ProQuality rapidly customizes its Windfall ERP solution to deliver superior enterprise software solutions and business results.
Experience the Windfall ERP advantage
Rapid Development
Evergreen Software
Superior ROI
Our RELAX™ platform enables rapid development of modern, high-performance, Custom Applications As a Service (CAAS) and  Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions.
RELAX™ - We Have You Covered
CAAS allows you to leverage the best features of Custom Software Development and SAAS.
EDM allows easy access to enterprise data, and the tools to make it actionable.
CAAS + EDM = Total Solution
Business Logic
Enterprise Data
Complete Solution

Accelerated Development

High quality Enterprise solutions that are delivered in days not months.

Evergreen Software

Solutions that adapt to changing functional and performance requirements.

Superior ROI

Efficient development + low TCO + flexible, predictable pricing = Superior ROI

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CAAS and EDM Solutions

ProQuality's RELAX™ platform enables rapid development of an unlimited variety of enterprise-class solutions including (but not limited to):

Enterprise Workflow

Enterprise Resource Planning

Supply Chain Management 

ETL and Dashboards



Our innovative pricing model accommodates your economic considerations:

Project or Subscription-based

Flexible structure and predictable costs

Enhancements and maintenance included

Join Our Happy CAAS and EDM Customers

Companies Enjoying the Advantages of ProQuality CAAS and EDM Solutions.

Let ProQuality be Your Full Service Development Partner

We are Technology Experts With a Passion for Service

Dev and Data Management Expertise

Enterprise solutions encapsulate business logic, workflow and data management. Simplify your life with a comprehensive ProQuality solution.

Solution-driven Traditional or SAAS Delivery

ProQuality solutions can be delivered using the traditional software delivery model or using our innovative evergreen CAAS model. The choice is yours. 

Flexible, Client-centric Pricing and Support

Every solution is subject to unique environmental constraints. Our adaptive model addresses your specific functional, support and economic needs. 

Discover The ProQuality CAAS & EDM Advantage

Let us show you how we can help you to achieve your IT goals on time and with superior ROI.


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